LiveTranslator is tool written in PHP for Nette Framework.

LiveTranslator enables simple and user friendly localization of your web, by letting you to translate your texts via panel in debug bar. Works with the Nette 2.0.

Download LiveTranslator 1.0.0-rc in zip, or from Github.

Installation and usage instructions can be found at LiveTranslator Github page.

DEMO texts (switch language and try translate these texts in Nette DebugBar in right bottom corner of this page):

Text Code
Ema is mincing meat. LATTE {_ 'Ema is mincing meat.'}
Hello world! LATTE {_ 'Hello world!'}
Did you notice a sign out in front of my house?! PRESENTER $this->translator->translate('Did you notice...');
My name is John Doe. LATTE {_ 'My name is %s.', 'John Doe'}
1 tasty apple
LATTE {_ ['%s tasty apple', '%s tasty apples'], $count}

Discuss about LiveTranslator and suggest changes and new ideas.